Our Services

We would be delighted to offer you our highly professional and quality relocation services and consulting
We will meet the employee and his/her family at his point of entry, with clearly printed sign with his first and last name, and pick up him by air-conditioned vehicle, to his pre-arranged hotel or serviced apartment. During the travel to hotel / apartment, our relocation consultant will be providing a short cultural training and brochures about Tunis, trying to make the employee feels safe and pleasant. In addition, we will coordinate any other special arrival requirements, such as car rental, Flight, Travel arrangements, stocking needed groceries etc… Services provided include:
  • Early recognition of client’s wishes and needs in order to save client’s time and money.
  • Employee feel safe and pleasant upon his/her arrival
  • Provides the employee arrival without stress or any difficulties
The preview-trip visit is meant to provide sufficient basic knowledge about the hosting country and place of work. It helps the Assignee and his/her Family to make a decision about the new assignment. The half-day tour usually includes:
  • Planning and booking of the trip: flights, hotel, car rental
  • Airport transfer
  • Understanding the assignee needs and expectations
  • Provide Tunisia traditional sweets and pastries box.
  • Provide descriptions and pictures of properties
  • Provide an orientation tour to relevant areas & neighborhoods
  • Visit of short-listed properties
  • Information about housing, schooling, cultural, information and local social life.
  • Provide responses to general questions and any points of concern to the Assignee.

Compass Relocation will support you with short-term lease, providing access to a
wide range of property types and lease durations in line with your budget by:

  • Initial personal contact by telephone or email in order to understand the transferee’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Pre-selection of accommodation options in accordance with the assignee specifications
  • Forward descriptions and pictures for selection and/or showing of the options
  • Lease negotiation and organizing of security deposit and payments.
  • Inventory and inspection of the rental property
  • Keys handover and meetings with landlord.
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Our job is to guide you through the whole process with independent advice and support. The Home Search assistance is customized to the clients' request and may include:
  • Initial personal contact by telephone or email in order to understand the transferee’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Residence search and pre-selection of properties based on the assignee’s requirements.
  • Preparation of a detailed itinerary for the home search.
  • Pick-up of assignee.
  • Accompanied property viewing.
  • Lease negotiation/security deposit advice.
  • Accompanied handover of the property from the landlord to the assignee including handover protocol.
  • Coordination of first rental payment and security deposit.
Compass Relocation can assist you with this process by meeting with you and your child to advise you the different options available:
  • Consultants advise parents throughout the entire process.
  • Search for suitable schools/kindergartens.
  • Advice on admission procedures and various school systems.
  • Coordination of school/ kindergarten visits.
  • Accompanied visits to schools/kindergarten and accompanied registration at school/kindergarten.
Compass Relocation offers a comprehensive programme aimed at helping the partner or spouse of your relocating employee to settle into their new environment and provide career assistance where required. Our spousal or partner assistance programs address their needs such as:
  • Job market research, analysis, and strategy planning
  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume writing and editing
  • Potential employer communications
  • Placement assistance
  • Coaching sessions
  • Training options such as inter-cultural training, career continuation coaching and social integration coaching
  • Volunteering (charities)
  • Local networking groups
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We understand that learning the local language is an essential part of a successful integration. We organize and arrange language training at your new destination. Our experts will assess your knowledge, and sign you up for appropriate group classes or arrange private tutoring for you and your family, depending on your preference.
Compass Relocation ensures you settle into your new location, by Receiving the right guidance, support and assistance with all the domestic arrangements. Our Settling In services are entirely flexible, and will allow the assignee to focus on the new job and the family to adapt faster to the new environment. Compass Relocation consultants will provide:
  • Customised Itinerary to suit your company's policies
  • Neighbourhood orientation
  • Introduction to shopping facilities
  • Opening of bank account
  • Home and vehicle insurance
  • Co-ordination of delivery & installation of purchased items
  • Appointments with technicians for repairs and maintenance work
  • Orientation on health care system
  • Introduction to doctors & dentists
  • Sourcing domestic help
  • Car purchase / rental assistance.
Compass Relocation Tenancy Management program helps employees deal with any property-related issues that may arise during their tenancy. The program lowers risk to the client and stress to the employee by ensuring that the property is being effectively managed in line with legal tenancy obligations.
  • Act as point of contact between the tenant and landlord
  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Arrange payment of deposits
  • Arranging property maintenance
  • Coordination of property inspections.
  • Coordination of emergency repairs
  • Coordination of expense reimbursements
  • Monitoring rental payments
  • Tracking of lease end dates, renewals and terminations
  • Recovery of security deposit
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Payments for or to expatriates, according to assignment policy will be made. On-time payments and weekly or monthly reports are ensured. Payments such as:
  • Utilities payments (electricity, gas, water).
  • On-going rental payments.
  • Assist with extra payments (School/ membership/ Subscription/ Storage…)
  • Assist with extra payments (School/ membership/ Subscription/ Storage…)
  • Moving companies.
  • Security payments.
  • Estate agent commissions.
  • Renovations.
  • Language Courses.
  • Various...
Compass Relocation can provide you with immigration solutions for consular visa applications, work and residence permits in Tunisia, renewal of immigration documents and processing of departure requirements. We can also offer the management of supporting services such as translation, legalization, apostilles and notarization of supporting documents.
  • Assessment and Advice consultation
  • Ensures compliance with local government requirements
  • Collect and preparation of documentation
  • Application, Extension and Cancellation
  • Registration to local administration
  • Documents translation & legalization
  • Updates on changes in Tunisian immigration laws or procedures.
  • Arrange Medical Check (Health Check), Certificate of Eligibility
  • Track and report expiry and renewal dates
Another step to insure your people are fully ready to work is insuring they have Tax Payment and international Social Security coverage. We can lead you through these steps to ensure compliance during assignments.
  • Bank account opening
  • Driving License exchange / registration.
  • Tax registration
  • Vehicle import and registration
  • Various.
Our Departure Services are designed to make the whole process as stress free and straightforward as possible. This service includes, but not limited to:
  • Assessment and Advice consultation
  • Serving notice to the Landlord and arranging for suitable date/time for the checkout appointment.
  • Cancellation of lease contract, utilities accounts, telephone/internet contracts and public fees..
  • Accompanied property handover from the assignee to the landlord.
  • Coordination of security deposit reimbursement.
  • Support with closing bank account and coordination of bank transfers.
  • Cancellation of insurances, club memberships, and other contracts.
  • Organization of mail forwarding service.
  • Coordination of possible repairs/renovations to the property.
  • Coordination of cleaning services.
  • Checking of final utility and maintenance costs invoice.
Meant for foreign companies wishing to install a subsidiary in Tunisia, we can help them, by a good knowledge of the main actors on the office real estate market, to evaluate their global office costs and of course, find them in Tunis.
Any other additional services related to relocation, immigration and documental support such as:
  • Pick up from the office
  • Cleaning teams
  • Maid services
  • Handyman services
  • Painting assistance
  • Electrician services, including changing plugs to accommodate local sockets, re-wiring of lamps and appliances…
  • Wi-Fi and Satellite dish installation/removal